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Need a budget-friendly cleaning service for your upholstery and mattresses?

  • Guaranteed removal of stains
  • Sofas, chairs, and other padded furniture cleaning services from professional and certified workers
  • Antibacterial cleaning methodologies to make your environment allergen-free
  • Environmental-friendly cleaning producers with the use of harmless cleaning agents

How upholstery and mattress cleaning works:

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Why use NestMarks Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning Services?

NestMarks remains an industry standard for the cleaning of your upholstery and mattresses. With NestMarks, you get quality work, in a minimized amount of time with a friendly budget in London. Therefore, making our service most reliable in the market.

Types of Upholstery and Mattresses NestMarks can Handle

We can offer you a cheaper yet quality cleaning service for your upholstery and mattresses. Only through the help of our talented and certified, professional cleaners.

  • Synthetic fiber Upholstery and Mattresses:
    Worldwide, most of the upholstery and mattresses remain manufactured from mixed, synthetic and recycled fibers. Using modern-day technologies, the furniture manufactured through synthetic fibers is not only cheaper in price but provides longer life due to easy cleaning procedures. The best method used in this regard for cleaning is Hot Water Extraction. With such a technique, furniture made from synthetic fiber can undergo complete washing without any damage to its form and texture. Whether it's your sofa or armchair, bedroom mattress or dining chairs, we can provide guaranteed deep-cleansing for your upholstery.
  • Upholstery made from natural, Delicate fibers and authentic Leather:
    Natural fibers are often delicate in nature. That’s why the upholstery made from natural materials is usually expensive and difficult to clean. However, long-running. Anyhow, cleaning remains the basic need for leather as well as natural fiber upholstery. In order to provide you with a trusted work methodology, our cleaners first examine the make and nature of such type of furniture. Then, recommending the best cleaning channels, they apply appropriate cleaning agents with no side effects at all. Consequently, offering you a secure and harmless cleaning technique.

Why Hot Water Extraction technique is best for upholstery and mattress cleaning?

Not only it removes all the stains, dust and grime through hot water, powerful streams but also removes all the allergens with its anti-bacterial properties. Your furniture might take some time to dry completely, but with NestMarks free of cost air moving service, we can also speed that up for you by maximizing the airflow. 
However, it should remain in view that some permanent stains are hard to remove. Excessive cleaning and use of strong detergents will result in damage to your mattress and upholstery. Still, those stains can get quite dull only with NestMarks cleaning methodologies. 

How does it work?

NestMarks effective Hot water extraction consists of only three steps: pre-treatment, washing, and drying.

  • Pre-treatment of the item/furniture:
    The spillage of food and drinks on your furniture, dirty claws of your pet, or greasy hands of the toddler, these all are the conditions that make pre-treatment essential. Pretreatment is the removal of the first layer of dirt, grime, and stains. With the help of vacuum cleaning and cleaning agents. Our professional cleaners first evaluate the intensity of stains. Using suitable methods and material friendly detergents, they guarantee the accomplishment of this task in a very less amount of time. Ultimately preparing your furniture for the second step. 
  • Cleaning through powerful, hot water streams:
    This is the second as well as the main cleaning procedure. A powerful nozzle ejects a stream of hot water and cleaning agent mixed together. The flow is so strong that it removes all the greasy and stubborn stains in a single go. In such a way that neither a single particle of dust nor an inch of grime remains left behind. Simultaneously, the upholstery or mattress is being dried with the help of a suction tube. Eliminating 95% of the water particles/moisture from your furniture.  
  • Drying up:
    Even when the vacuum tube has dried up the furniture to an extent of 95%, it requires at least 8-12-hour time period for proper drying. In order to make our cleaning service convenient for you and speed up the drying procedure, we provide free of cost air moving service. Our cleaners bring with them their air mover, which when placed around the cleaned furniture, dries it up immediately.
Frequently asked questions

A: Yes, we use cleaning agents (detergents) for the washing procedure. However, there is no need to worry as all of our chemicals are pet-friendly and safe for yourself and your children. Still, if anyone in your family is allergic to any kind of material used, it’s better to mention while booking your appointment so that we can use only appropriate detergents.

A: As all of our cleaners are professionally trained and certified from the cleaning services’ industry, the chances of your furniture getting damaged are almost 0%. However, if any of your things get damaged, Nestmarks provides complete coverage. As the insured work environment remains in our top-notch business policy.

A: You can book an appointment anytime. Working all week from 7 am to 6 pm, we provide uninterrupted services, even on bank holidays and weekends. With our flexible work schedule, you can also book early morning and after hour cleaning services. However, it's better not to disturb your neighbors as some of our equipment can be quite noisy.

A: Every piece of furniture is different. With unique, expensive materials used, it requires proper care and appropriate cleaning methods. Something in which Nestmarks excels. If you don’t know your upholstery or mattress type, there’s no need to worry. As our cleaners first examine the make of your furniture and then suggest and use appropriate cleaning methods.

A: It's different. For upholstery, it can be anywhere between 4 to 8 hours. On the other hand, 12-24 hours for mattresses. If you need, we can provide you with free of cost air moving service that will fasten the drying process for your furniture, saving your time and money.

A: Since cleaners move around with a huge load of equipment, parking is necessary. The quote you get for your cleaning service, however, does not include the parking fee. So, if there’s a need, you need to pay that yourself. It’s even better if you can ensure a free parking space within 20 meters of your property. So that moving around the equipment can become easy for our workers.

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