A professional cleaning service to restore your green space

Have your congested greenhouse cleaned up in the blink of an eye!

  • Complete greenhouse freedom
  • Bringing all the essential instruments and hardware
  • A terrible climate is not an issue for availability
  • A service for a whole week

Get a Clean and Clear Garden in Simple Steps

No need to hassle. Get your garden clearance service by online booking

Undesirable vegetation well be detached from your garden.

Stowed up the green waste and evacuated completely.

Enjoy your clean and green space with no congestion.

What a tidy garden incorporates?

An hourly-based service is provided with cleaning your garden by removing fallen leaves, cutting oversized grass and removing the plants you don’t want in your garden, so when the specialists are nearby, they will affirm the time required for the activity-dependent on the size of the greenhouse and its condition.

Our means to effectively handle your congested nursery space are:

  • Complete clearance of all the regions with unreasonable vegetation
  • Removal of the plants you don't want in your garden or are less effective in a particular season
  • Trim thick supports to a satisfactory state
  • Using a rotavator to clean up the areas for planting (if found any weed, removal will be done)

The extra grass and fallen leaves will be cleaned 180L of garden waste is removed by each service we provide. For removing the waste more than 180L, there is an extra amount you must pay.

You will receive a bundle of advice from the specialists on how to maintain your garden and avoid the overgrowth in the future. A free quote will also be given on site to provide regular maintenance to avoid the oversized growth in the future.

We also offer daily cleaning and trimming of your garden and other services you need in protecting your garden from the worms.

What else can the specialists accomplish for you?

  • Other than grass and greenhouse freedom in London, you can exploit other open-air upkeep administrations for your property, for example, pressure washing to re-establish the excellence of your deck or regular cleaning that can be given on week after week, or month to month premise.
  • On the off chance that you wish to make any structural changes to your greenhouse and pathways, at that point you'll be glad to discover that we likewise offer nursery finishing administrations.
  • Cleaning out of old pots and grower, and evacuation of dead plants to clear a path for new ones.
  • Rinsing and wiping off the remaining filth or any kind of dirt.
Frequently asked questions

A: Not at all. Our working team has its own equipment and other necessary things. The main thing the nursery workers will need is a parking space close to your property, so they can carry their tools to your greenhouse. This, obviously, implies they additionally need access to your place upon the arrival of the administration. We also provide the services of pick-up and delivery.

A: A group of 2 proficient planters will be at your place to service, contingent upon the measure of garden cleaning work we need to oversee.

A: When the cleaning is done, and you become happy by getting the services you want. Payment can be done by card or simply you can pay cash to the gardeners.

A: You get free expulsion of up to 180L of green waste. It will be packed away up by the masters and expelled from your property. They can remove increasingly squander for an additional charge.

A: Not at all. Our dedicated workers won’t stop themselves by serving you.

A: We will instruct you with respect to the foreseen period of time that the undertaking will take time before beginning. With bigger tasks, we will give you a works program.

We set goals and tell you about them before starting our work however, extra demands will extend the procedure.

A: All our work is ensured as far as material and workmanship according to our terms and conditions.

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